Monday, June 12, 2006


Questions to people on both sides of the reservations issue.

Questions for people supporting reservations:

1. Where did the magic number 27% come from?

2. Who belongs to an OBC?

3. Does it matter that different states may have different percentage of OBCs?

4. Do we know for sure that OBC's have been persecuted? I am told in Rajasthan Jats
are categorized as OBCs. Does it mean that Jats are persecuted in Rajasthan?

5. What is the moral justification that a poor Brahmin from a village gets bumped by a rich OBC from a city just because the former is a Brahmin and the later is an OBC?

6. Just because a particular group is underrepresented in a particular field does it mean
that group is being persecuted with respect to that field?

Questions for people against reservations:

1. Why are you against reservations?

2. Do you really think quality will suffer because of reservations in AIIMS?
AIIMS Delhi has less than 50 open seats. Just because they have 50 seats
only those 50 are qualified to be doctors. How about the people who are
ranked 200?

3. If the government increases the seats as promised so that the number of
seats for non SC/ST and non OBC remains the same, then there is no net
loss of opportunity for the non SC/ST, non OBC group. In that how does
reservation reduce opportunities for the non SC/ST and non OBC group?

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