Friday, June 09, 2006


My initial take on the "27% reservations for OBC" issue.

I strongly believe that society and government should lend a helping hand to people who are otherwise disadvantaged. I also believe that
the current UPA government's proposal for 27% additional reservation for OBCs is fully motivated by political considerations and not at all well thought out.

Also, how can one believe the sincerity of a government that hijacks resources from a poor state, shows blatant fovauritism in HRD funding by putting more funds to states from where the Prime minister and finance minister are from, to states that are ruled by its allies, and taking away funding from states ruled by non-allies. (See details in the previous posts.) One can not believe the sincereity of such a government. One also can not believe the planning comission that rubber-stamps decision by such a government without paying any regards to the inequity created by the govt actions.

In short, a government which creates inequity, which enhances inequity, can not be trusted in its intentions.

Nevertheless, in this blog we will slowly dissect the arguments for and against the 27% reservation. First we give a list of arguments that we found in the web.

Articles in favour of additional 27% reservation for OBCs:

Some articles against the 27% reservations for OBCs:

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